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“…The art of teaching is the art
of facilitating in discovery

Education Support Courses

A teacher’s aide is a support role designed to help teachers perform both in-class and out-of-class activities while providing support to individual students who may need extra help. They are not required to teach any of the classroom content, rather only help and facilitate students to stay on task while helping to develop critical numeracy and literacy skills.

Teacher’s aides also help with the administrative side of teaching including, organising and preparing materials for a lesson, assisting with any necessary logistic arrangements and paperwork involved with lessons and reporting back to the teacher with any insights into a student’s progress.

According to the Australian Government, Job Outlook, the average weekly remuneration for a teacher aide or an education support worker is about $1,094. The Australian Teacher Aide (ATA) estimates that there are approximately 105,000 workers working in this field in 2020, with an average full-time worker working for 35 to 40 hours. As for the growth rate, ATA estimates five years’ (2012-2017) growth rate to be around 34 percent, and the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Businesses predicts the trend to continue and maintain a ‘Very High Growth’ rate in this field. At present, the gender bias is in favour of females as 90 percent of all the workers in the industry are female workers, with a mean average age of 46 years.

Currently Available Courses

CHC40213 Certificate IV in Education Support


50 weeks

Full Fee




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